Work Orders

View work order status, current progress to plan, and an easy to read financial and material analysis all on one screen. Quickly identify issues and act accordingly.

Fully Paperless & Mobile

Technicians can work directly on their tables and mobile devices.

  • Clock in and out electronically to tasks and WOs
  • Digitally sign off on tasks
  • Request and consume parts
  • Check tools in and out
  • Take pictures & create non routine tasks for approval
  • and much more...

Resource Scheduling

Quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks with resources, change assignments, and modify timelines on screen and in real time.

Tasks & Subtasks

No matter how complicated your process or work order is, AvSight can handle it with ease. Unlimited tasks and unlimited subtasks allow for full flexibility of scheduling your jobs.

Templating allows you to create the work instructions and processes once, then clone as many times as needed. Quickly review planned to actual for labor and materials easily.

Barcode enabled labor entry

Your employees can quickly clock into and clock out of a job and task using barcoding. Eliminate long processes to enter time and instead process labor in real time. Easy correction is also available for the times employees forget to clock in or out.

Tooling Management

Track tools to a job and task to show a full history of usage. Track calibration and inspection down to the individual tool to ensure compliance.