The “TrueSwitch” methodology has been designed based on years of experience working with companies and implementing software. This process is designed specifically for Aviation and its' unique needs. While many implementation methodologies are built from generic processes, TrueSwitch is built from the ground up for aviation. Exchanges, Lot Costing, Warranty Claims, and more make aviation a more complex than an average conversion.

That’s why TrueSwitch was designed. To make sure that your company is fully supported during this process, without disrupting your business. Each step/process is designed to compliment the others.

Each process/step is described below, but we know that each company is unique. Some steps may be removed, and some may be added due to the unique nature of each company, but following this methodology gives you confidence knowing that your supported.


Dedicated Project Manager

As a part of the implementation process, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to oversee the project from the beginning to the end. This ensures that you have a single point of contact for all aspects of the implementation. Your project manager will handle scheduling, communication, and verify that your project is always on track and that you are fully supported.

Business Review & Discovery Call

The Business Review call is a critical aspect of the implementation project. This discovery call will help us understand what’s important to you during the implementation, your internal project team, as well as any current issues we can address.

During this review, we will review any business processes that you feel are currently lacking and how we can address these. It’s also a great time for you to ask any questions or let us know any important issues that will help us to successfully implement AvSight.


Training Environment Setup

A dedicated training environment is critical to the seamless implementation of AvSight. This environment will allow you to test and process transactions in a training environment without impacting your actual data. Having this environment, with your data, supports training all your employees so you can start using AvSight on day 1 with no downtime.

This environment can be used by all your employees during the training process.

Instructor Led Training

Training is a critical aspect of the AvSight implementation methodology. Our multi step training process ensures that each employee is competent to use AvSight from the very beginning. This training process starts with instructor led training specific to your company.

This process ensures that each training session is specific to the needs of your company. Focusing on individual needs (exchanges, receiving, sales orders, etc.) rather than a generic training outline will ensure your company gets the best training possible.

AvSight University

In addition to instructor led training, we offer a self-paced AvSight "university" to augment instructor-led training or to provide refresher training. These courses can be printed or saved for a quick reminder of a process or feature.


Data conversion is a key step in the process. Converting your data from your current system allows you to have all the history and provide for a seamless transition to AvSight.

We have converted from many different systems over time, and ensuring data quality and integrity is our number one goal. Each major data area (accounts, parts, quotes, etc) is reviewed to ensure quality and completeness.

The following areas are some of the most common. We work with you directly to ensure that all your data is transferred into AvSight.

  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Part Numbers & Inventory
  • Quotes
  • Repair Orders
  • RFQs
  • Sales Orders


The goal of the pilot process is to ensure that everything is ready for go live. This process involves checking of all the data conversion, the setup of Avsight to fit your business, and that all your processes are setup correctly. This process typically involves 3 steps described below. Often times these steps can be done at the same time, but for larger conversions these are individual steps.

  • AvSight Quality Checks
  • Customer Quality Checks
  • Transactional Walk Through

Go Live

This is the big day! The Go Live process is designed to support you fully to minimize any disruptions within your business. We know software conversions can cause concern but, with all the steps and processes done before the big day, this is a smooth process.

We will be there to help you all the way. Even after you go live, you aren’t on your own. Our stellar support services are there each and every step in the process. Your project manager and conversion team is still assigned even after you go live. This ensures that any questions or issues that come up can be addressed immediately by someone who knows your business.