Release Preview – Sequoia S1 (Systemwide Enhancements)

Sequoia S1 - System wide Improvements


A new option to mark an account as approved for POs, ROs, Quotes, Sales Orders, and RFQs has been added. If you enable this option, new fields are added to the Account screen where you can mark an account as approved or not for various transaction types.

By removing the checkbox for various transactions, new feature also allows you to mark an account as unapproved for various reasons such as QA issues, Non Payment, and many other options.


A new section has been added to both the contacts and accounts screen that will alert you to a potential duplicate account or contact.

In addition, when creating or editing an account, AvSight will warn you that you might be creating a duplicate account. The AvSight duplicate management rules currently prevent you from creating an exact letter for letter duplicate, while warning you of a potential duplicate using “fuzzy” logic. This “fuzzy” logic essentially looks for accounts that “sound” similar, but are not exactly similar. For instance, “AVCO” and “AVCO, Inc” will produce a warning.

In addition to warning or preventing a duplicate account or contact, AvSight now offers the ability to merge both contacts and accounts. This is done with a wizard where you can select the master record and which fields should be kept and which should be merged. Once these selections are made, the accounts or contacts are merged across the entire system.