Release Preview – Sequoia S1 (Operations)

New Rejection and Inspection Process

A new rejection and inspection process has been added to receiving. AvSight now has the ability to mark a part as “Inspection Required” as well as indicating any inspection instructions. This powerful feature also allows you to mark a part as rejected during receiving. This is especially helpful when a part is missing paperwork, or various other issues. Rejecting a part still creates an Inventory line, but does not increase the quantity available but rather updates the Quantity Rejected. This allows for simple reporting as well as tracking of any rejected parts in AvSight. Once a part is marked as rejected, it cannot be sold. These rejected parts also show on the RO/PO payment screen so you can decide whether to accept the vendor invoice on these parts.

Scheduled Shipments Are Handled More Clearly

A new checkbox has been added to all the operations queues. This new option allows you to specify whether future shipments should be shown by default. This will filter the queues to only show shipments where the Requested ship date is today or earlier.

Your selection is stored automatically to your user profile, so anytime the screen is loaded your selection is applied.

New Cancel Receipt Process

A new Cancel Receipt button has been added to the Receipt screen. This new feature allows you to quickly cancel and reverse a receipt for both POs and ROs. The new button will, zero out the inventory line as well as add a comment for tracking, zero the receipt, and add the quantity back to the original document.

Hazmat Information is Visible in the Operations Queues

On all the operations queues, there is now a new "clickable" icon for any parts that are designated as hazardous. Clicking this icon brings up additional information from the part master about the hazardous part. This new feature makes it much more that the part is a hazardous part.

New Sub Location field

A new Sub Location field has been added to the Inventory screen and is also visible on the Operations screens as well as added to the pick ticket. This new field has also been added to the Part Research Inventory box.

New fields added to the location screen

Four new fields were added to the location screen. These new fields are: Location Height, Location Length, Location Width, and Zone. These new fields can be used for sizing locations as well as determining where a part might fit in a warehouse.