AvSight Support Policy

Once your AvSight system is up and running according to the settings and features covered under your contract, you will be transitioned from the implementation phase into normal support. To ensure a smooth transition, we wanted to cover the most common questions about AvSight support. The following questions will be answered in this article:

  • What’s covered with AvSight support?

  • What’s not covered with AvSight support?

  • What are my options if my issue isn’t covered with standard support?

  • What’s Covered?

What’s Covered?

Although we strive to ensure that every version and release of AvSight is bug-free using a thorough QA process, there are times when you might find an issue with AvSight. Although the following list is not an exhaustive list, the following items are some examples of what’s covered with standard AvSight support.

  • Troubleshooting any reported errors

  • Fixes to Bugs 

  • Upgrades and any new features included. It does not include any configurations or training required to use any new features. (NOTE: There are a few advanced, system-wide features that may not be included with upgrades, i.e. multi-company, multi-currency, accounting, e-commerce, integrations, etc.)

  • Access to our Knowledge Base and Ticketing System

What’s Not Covered?

AvSight is a highly configurable system with the ability to be customized for changing business needs. Because of this, there are certain issues that are not covered with standard support. Some examples of those requests include the following.

  • Modifications to existing features requiring additional configuration or customization

  • Addition of new features requiring configuration or setup

  • Workflows or automation

  • Additional alerts and notifications

  • Customizing existing pages or forms or adding new ones

  • Mass import & deletion of data

  • Additional training

What Are My Options?

We realize that business needs change and that our customers commonly provide great ideas that would make them more efficient. We also recognize that many of these ideas are, or will be, on our roadmap for AvSight while others are too specific or not scalable. We recommend that you discuss any ideas with us first in order to determine the best way to accomplish a solution.

Use of Internal Talent

AvSight is built on the Salesforce platform so many of the customization tools aren’t built for developers, but are built for business people with some technical ability. Salesforce also offers free training in the use of some of the tools available via Trailhead. Please keep in mind that any customizations  you make must not affect any of the core features of AvSight. Any issues caused or fix required from the use of these tools will not be covered under the support agreement. 

Purchase an Admin Package

Admin packages provide a number of hours that can be used for customizations or training not normally covered under support. By using our expert Admins, you will also have access to a resource knowledgeable with our customization tools and AvSight’s future functionality. Why spend time and money on your own customizations when they may be provided for free on a future upgrade? The admin package is paid together with your recurring license charges and will be charged at a discounted hourly rate.

Pay by the Hour   

AvSight can review your request and provide a quote for any customizations of your system. You will be charged as soon as the services are provided.

For additional information explore our Admin Services overview