AvSight Shipping Carrier Integration

AvSight is happy to announce a new partnership with Zenkraft!

Ship orders with a single click, track shipments in real time and apply work flow rules for notifications and exceptions. Save time by automating your shipping...right from AvSight!

AvSight now integrates with FedEx, UPS, USPS and 40+ other carriers!

Who is Zenkraft?

Zenkraft provides native shipping applications for Salesforce. They provide Rating, Label, Tracking and Pickup technology for 45+ carriers including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and 40+ others. In additional to parcel carriers, they also provide access to some Freight providers.
Zenkraft has nearly 1,000 customers including over 10% of Fortune 500 businesses. As well has having over 200 5 star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange.

How can your business benefit?

Ship orders from Salesforce's Native Order object, a CPQ order object or another ERP's Order Object

Generate packing slips and integrate scales, printers and scanners to streamline your pick and pack stations.

Manage returns and replacements from Cases or in Service Cloud Console. See all returned shipments in one place.

Here’s what some of their customers are saying:

“With Zenkraft, we have been able to increase efficiency by 3-4 times and streamlined our processes. We will be using it for a long time to come.”

“Zenkraft saves the shipping department over 7 man hours per day when creating labels and shipments”

“Zenkraft has helped free up an immense amount of time which we used to spend individually tracking drop shipped packages. We highly recommend Zenkraft.”

See Zenkraft in action 

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